Security Features

Find yourself at home in our modern living spaces with an array of security features.

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Secured Controlled Access

Experience peace of mind at Edmonton's Apartment Century Gardens with our top-tier Secured Controlled Access. With our cutting-edge phone system at the door, it is clear that your safety is our top focus from the time you arrive. Only residents and authorized workers are allowed entry thanks to our protected garage and lobby entrances. Inside, a further degree of protection is added by our cutting-edge FOB key system, which grants exclusive access to communal spaces and rooms.

Enjoy the comfort and tranquility that Century Gardens has to offer with a worry-free living knowing that your property is safeguarded by these extensive amenities.

Cameras in Common Areas

Experience enhanced security and peace of mind at Edmonton's Apartment Century Gardens with our state-of-the-art Cameras in Common Areas. Since we care about your security above all else, we maintain constant watch in public areas. Our strategically positioned cameras give an extra degree of security, fostering a safe atmosphere for you and your neighbors to enjoy in the corridors and common areas.

You can relax knowing that our sophisticated surveillance system is committed to preserving the tranquillity and safety of our neighborhood.

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Century Gardens Edmonton Lobby desk

Professional management services

At Edmonton's Apartment Century Gardens, impeccable living is seamlessly guided by our Professional Management Services. Seven days a week, our committed 5-star personnel is at your disposal to provide a seamless and exceptional living experience. Our team's experience and dedication improve your comfort and convenience on anything from maintenance requests to neighborhood events. You can completely enjoy Century Gardens' amazing amenities and features with their careful attention, knowing that every area of your home is expertly handled to the greatest standards.

Our staff is on hand to ensure that your living experience is nothing less than excellent because your needs are our top priority.

Live in Our Secure Edmonton Apartment

Discover the epitome of security and comfort at Apartment Century Gardens in Edmonton. Every aspect of living in our Secure Edmonton Apartments reflects our dedication to your safety. Your safety is a top priority thanks to features like controlled access, FOB key systems, and on-site employees. Our cutting-edge amenities and expertly managed services guarantee a carefree way of life.

Live in peace in a setting that puts your security first and provides a wide range of first-rate amenities. Century Gardens welcomes you to encounter the ideal fusion of serenity and modern living.

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