Bathroom Features

Everything comes together to create a bathroom space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Century Garden apartment suite bathroom
Century Garden apartment suite bathroom

Luxurious Aesthetic

Indulge in the epitome of luxury at Century Gardens, where self-care reaches new heights in our meticulously curated bathrooms. Everything about it is sophisticated, from the well-chosen fittings to the tasteful fusion of luxury and utility. Whether you opt to relax in the modern glass-door shower cubicle or the soaker tub, every apartment exudes an aura that turns everyday life into an opulent spa day.

The bathroom, adorned with exquisite details, is a testament to our commitment to providing residents with a space that seamlessly combines indulgence and necessity, elevating daily rituals to a realm of unparalleled luxury.

Large Mirror with Wall Mounted Lights

In the realm of refined elegance, Century Gardens distinguishes itself through the thoughtful design of its bathrooms. The vanity area features a large mirror that is accentuated by well-placed wall-mounted lights. This thoughtful placement not only improves the aesthetics but also makes sure that you have the best possible lighting for your daily skincare routine.

Your daily routine will be elevated to a higher degree of comfort and refinement thanks to the harmonious interaction of light and reflection, which produces a room that is not just functional but also a sanctuary. Every time spent in front of the mirror becomes an exquisite, well-lit experience.

Century Garden apartment suite bathroom
Century Garden apartment suite bathroom

Quartz Countertop

Unveiling a touch of contemporary luxury, Century Gardens presents bathrooms with a distinctive allure, centered around the quartz countertop. The large surface offers both practicality and a modern look as it blends in perfectly with the vanity area. This premium material offers durability and low maintenance in addition to a dash of contemporary flair.

The quartz countertop elevates from a functional surface to a statement of sophisticated style, completing the bathroom's entire ambiance and guaranteeing that every moment spent there is enveloped in timeless luxury.

Large Porcelain Tiling from Floor to Ceiling

Century Gardens redefines bathroom aesthetics with its commitment to perfection, showcased in the extensive use of large porcelain tiling. These seamless, gorgeous tiles cover the entire space from floor to ceiling. The opulent atmosphere is enhanced by these tiles, which guarantee easy upkeep and cleanliness in addition to improving the visual attractiveness.

The bathroom is transformed into a sophisticated canvas, with every square inch covered with porcelain's ageless appeal to create a cozy and indulgent ambiance. Come and spend time in an environment where luxury has no boundaries and functionality coexists with artistry.

Century Garden apartment suite bathroom
Century Garden apartment suite bedroom

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